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Perched Partners with SOC Prime to Provide SOC Education and Consulting


September 21, 2018 — Perched, LLC. announces a new partnership with SOC Prime, an OEM Kibana SIEM framework provider.

SOC Prime provides OEM plugins for SOC Workflows and event management as well as the SIGMA framework, which is a Generic Signature Format for SIEM systems. SOC Prime’s plugins provide a unique “two-click” incident creation process from with the Kibana UI. This gives SOC analysts and responders a connected and unified workspace for hunting, identifying, tracking, and responding to cyber threats on their network. Additionally, SOC Prime runs the Threat Detection Marketplace, which provides created use-cases and saved searches to assist SOC analysts in visualizing security data. Finally, SOC Prime recently released The Uncoder, which allows you to translate searches and queries between Kibana, Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar, and others.

Perched has partnered with SOC Prime as we continue to consult on SOAR and security analytics as well as developing custom education modules using SOC Prime for SOC and hunt operations.

For more information on our newest partner, head over to SOC Prime’s site and check them out.