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Perched Welcomes Nate “neu5ron” Guagenti

We’d like to welcome Nate “@neu5ron” Guagenti as the newest Solutions Engineer to Perched.

Nate will focus on the parity and integration of additional security and intelligence projects into the Perched-sponsored open source projects, RockNSM and CAPES. Nate will also be assisting the education and consulting teams.

Over a decade, Nate has both deployed and engineered network and endpoint SIEMs that have scaled to multiple-TB/day of ingest, while simultaneously using, and training others on, the deployed solution.

As Nate has worked in all facets of IT, he adds the unique experience of someone who has performed both endpoint and network security monitoring. His work on threat hunting and insider threat detection have been displayed at various conferences.

Nate runs an open blog focused on various digital forensics, incident response, network security monitoring (NSM), Threat Hunting, and General IT (

Nate is a contributor to the open source HELK project, which focuses on threat hunting through endpoint data using the Elastic Stack, as well as the SIGMA framework, which is an open source project that standardizes signatures and detection methods.

Nate is also a member of the committee for BSides Columbus (Ohio) and Converge Detroit (Michigan).

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