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Perched Announces a New Relationship with Corelight to Provide Zeek (Bro) Education and Consulting


October 10, 2018 — Perched, LLC. announces a new consulting and education relationship with Corelight, creators of the Corelight Sensor, a network monitoring sensor built on Zeek (FKA Bro).

Zeek, the network protocol analyzer that was created at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1995, has been the underpinning of network security monitoring platforms for decades. Corelight’s founding team is comprised of the same core people that have been with the project since the beginning, including professor Vern Paxson who created Zeek. While Zeek is extremely powerful, deployment and integration of the open source software requires expertise, which is what led to the creation of the Corelight Sensor. The Corelight Sensor has made implementing Bro as simple as plugging in power, a network cable, and giving the appliance an IP address. However, knowing what to do with the data for effective cybersecurity practices can be more complex.

Perched is working with Corelight to develop consulting and custom education modules around the implementation, integration, and operationalization of the network data produced by Corelight Sensors.

Be sure to stop by Corelight’s site to learn more about their Corelight Sensor and check out Perched’s Threat Hunting with Corelight education module.