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Elastic is Better Done Together

As an Elastic Partner, we are able to quickly enable you to gain value from the widespread adoption of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash and its commercial features, security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, graph, and machine learning.

Rich Network Visibility and Perched Expertise

Perched has partnered with Corelight to develop consulting and custom education modules around the implementation, integration, and operationalization of the network data produced by Corelight Sensors.

We found the adversary, now what?

As a SOC Prime partner, we complement their OEM Kibana plugin technology with our consulting and education services. From detection to triage; Perched and SOC Prime are along for the ride.

Let’s do something great. Together.

A partner ecosystem is built on a strong technical and business foundations. At Perched, we believe in a "secure by design" concept, which is shared by the fine people at Red Hat. 

Security is best performed as a team